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About Little Dot Studio

We create timeless acrylic, leather and wooden gifts and keepsakes that help you express your love, thought, and care for the precious moments in you life.

Our Story

In 2019, Hannah Collins established Little Dot Studio, assuming the roles of founder and principal designer. Armed with a Master's degree in Architecture from Kansas State University, her academic journey introduced her to the intricacies of laser machines, then employed meticulously to shape architectural components. The allure of laser-fueled creativity captivated her, leading to the acquisition of a personal laser machine in 2019, heralding the inception of Little Dot Studio.

The origins of Hannah's focus on keepsakes lie in her inherent affinity for conveying affection through thoughtful gifts. Her home and office are adorned with custom keepsakes, meticulously designed to commemorate diverse milestones and life events.

Within the realm of Little Dot Studio, each creation is conceived with a purpose – be it a heartfelt gesture or a utilitarian item, crafted for cherished recipients or personal use. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and family sojourns come alive through Hannah's creative ingenuity. The appreciation of recipients, coupled with their encouragement, provided the impetus to share her craft more widely, culminating in the establishment of Little Dot Studio. It stands as a place where imaginative concepts materialize into meaningful keepsakes, laden with profound significance.

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Meet The Team

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