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Astrology Pattern - Arched Acrylic Tag

Astrology Pattern - Arched Acrylic Tag


“These tags are fantastic! We had been looking for some type of identification tag for our violin cases, but the traditional luggage tags just all looked... like the wrong aesthetic, somehow. These tags are minimalist in design and have a sophisticated, understated overall look. They're perfect, and the seller was wonderful in the design process (sending mockups for approval) and with very fast shipping. We will absolutely be return customers.”
-Jacquelyn Pied

“Exactly what I was looking for! Sturdy and thick, doesn’t feel like it’ll snap any time soon. I also appreciated the sellers reaching out to double-check the spelling, and allowing me to request a font change. Great customer service, and speedy delivery.”
-Lauren Lovallo


If you're looking for a luggage tag that will stand up to the demands of travel, we've got you covered. This Acrylic Luggage Tag from Little Dot Studio is great for labeling your bags to make them easier to find in the airport chaos, making them stand out in the crowd!

Our luggage tags are made of casted acrylic also known as plexiglass, which is incredibly durable and resilient, this makes our tags perfect for checked airlines bags or rough use gym bags, or even your violin cases as our beloved customer mentioned above!

The acrylic luggage tags are 2" x 3" in size and are 1/4" in width. We also have a 1/8" product line that we only recommend for use on backpacks and light use items. We offer an array of color options and design styles!

One feature our customers really appreciate is the fact that the engraving on the tag is concealed and cannot be read from a distance unless held close. This protects your information and ensures your privacy while you travel. We’ve got you!

The best part about us is our interactive design process, which means you get to create your own custom tags! You choose the size, color, and material and we send you digital mockups after you place your order, allowing you to see a preview and request any changes you need!

Our products are all designed and manufactured in the heart of Seattle, WA. We take pride in knowing that every tag you buy is made in the USA.

We know that once you get your hands on our products, they'll become an integral part of your traveling experience. So go ahead—get creative with Little Dot Studio!


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