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Rectangle (S) Acrylic Tag - B2/A3

Rectangle (S) Acrylic Tag - B2/A3


Material: Cast Acrylic

Size: 2.5"w X .8"h X .25"d


Enhance your travel gear with our Rectangle (S) Acrylic Tag, the smallest option in our lineup, perfect for carry-ons, backpacks, or as a unique gift for friends and family. Designed for efficiency and style, this tag ensures that your personal details remain easily accessible and intact through all your travels.

Each tag is crafted from premium acrylic and features laser engraving that permanently etches your information into the material, preventing it from fading or wearing away. The tag is completely waterproof, making it suitable for all travel conditions, whether you're facing inclement weather or near water bodies.


Personalize your tag by selecting from our extensive palette of over 20 colors, ensuring it matches your personal style or stands out on the luggage carousel. Further customize with a choice of three strap materials: the elegant suede leather, the robust stainless steel, or the versatile silicone.

Ideal for those who value durability and style, the Rectangle (S) Acrylic Tag is your go-to choice for securing and identifying your belongings with ease and sophistication.

Strap Option
1/4" Acrylic Color