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Rectangle (M) Acrylic Tag - Green - L4/A2

Rectangle (M) Acrylic Tag - Green - L4/A2


Material: Cast Acrylic

Size: 3"w X 1.5"h


Introducing our exquisitely handcrafted laser engraved acrylic luggage tag, designed by Little Dot Studio in 2018 and made with care in Seattle, WA. Ideal for corporate gifting, travelers, flight attendants, pilots, and more. Choose from over 40 vibrant color options and various strap styles to suit your taste. The interactive design process allows for engraving logos, custom designs, and artwork, making each tag unique. Crafted from durable acrylic, the laser engraving ensures lasting clarity. Elevate your travel experience with this stylish and personalized luggage tag, adding a touch of elegance to your belongings while making them easy to identify. Upgrade your luggage game today with our customizable masterpiece from Little Dot Studio.


Privacy vs. Visibility:
Opaque colors (e.g., shiny black and white) are most discreet and require tilting to reveal engraved information.
Transparent colors (e.g., frosted clear and clear) are easy to read without tilting do not require tags to be tilted to reveal engraved information.
Matte black strikes a balance, legible without tilting but clearer when tilted.

Strap Option

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