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Packed Luggage

Engraved Luggage Tags

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How It Works

The first step in creating your custom luggage tag is to pick your tag attributes. You have the option to select the tag shape,

tag color, strap color and material and

lastly font style.

After we receive your order with your

customizations, our team creates your

design. We provide a 1:1 scale PDF of

the final product for your review.

You will receive a digital preview of your order via email. If you find a change is needed, simply respond to the email you received and your order will be redesigned accordingly.

Once we have received your approval on the final design, your order is then precision cut and engraved using our CO2 laser machines. Your order will then be packaged and shipped directly to you or your intended recipients.



Select Your Tag Style

We Design Your Tags


Approve Your Design


Laser Production

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