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Wood Engraved Luggage Tag Floral Design

Wood Engraved Luggage Tag Floral Design


Size: 3"x2"x1/4"

Material: Walnut Wood



Key Features:

  • Captivating Floral Engraving: Our intricate floral design adds a touch of nature's beauty to your luggage tag, setting it apart from conventional tags and making it a statement piece.

  • Handcrafted with Care: Each luggage tag is meticulously created by our skilled artisans, reflecting their passion for craftsmanship and attention to detail.

  • Premium Walnut Wood: We use only the finest walnut wood, known for its durability, rich color, and eco-friendly sourcing, ensuring a sustainable and long-lasting product.

  • Customized to Suit You: Tailor your luggage tag with your chosen personal information, creating a unique accessory that reflects your style and personality.

  • Durable and Practical: The sturdy wood material ensures your luggage tag remains intact during your travels while being lightweight and easy to spot on your baggage.


Whether you're a frequent traveler or seeking a thoughtful gift for a loved one, our laser-engraved Walnut Wood Luggage Tag with its graceful floral design is the perfect blend of charm, practicality, and individuality. Carry a piece of art with you wherever you go, reminding you of nature's beauty and cherished memories.


At Little Dot Studio, we take pride in delivering handcrafted pieces that hold both sentimental and practical value. We are thrilled to offer you this exquisite luggage tag, and we're confident it will become an essential companion on your journeys.


Order your personalized floral engraved luggage tag today and embrace the beauty of nature while exploring the world!

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